Welcome to Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Ernakulam Region ... for registration for admission visit: https://kvadmissiononline2018.in/ Grievance Redressal Day for the Month March 2018 is on 10.3.2018 from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm ....KV ADOOR bagged First Prize in the Independence Day Contest by VIRSA – Routes 2 Roots.......KVS Ernakulam Region has launched Project Based Learning - visit "pblkvsroernakulam.blogspot.in" ...... KV Pattom selected as top ranked Government School......KV Pangode and KV Ottapalam selected as Change Maker of the Year by CSE Green School Award ......कदम-कदम बढ़ाये जा, भ्रष्टाचार मिटाये जा, देश को बचाये जा.......Fight Corruption: Be the one who helps build a better society for all...... Master.Yashas R Nair,Class 7A, of KV,Adoor, Selected as the Most Innovative App Inventor for the month of January 2018 by the MIT – App Inventor ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U S).

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National Awardees(last five years)
S.No Name of the Teacher/Principal Designation Name of KV Region Year of Award
1 Shri. Manmohanan K TGT(Skt) K V NO.I CALICUT Ernakulam 2011
2 Smt. S Nalayani Principal K V No.2 PALAKKAD Ernakulam 2011
National ICT Award
3 Smt. Jainus Jacob PRT K V THRISSUR Ernakulam 2010
National ICT Award
received in 2012 
KVS Incentive Awardees(last three years)
S.No Name of the Teacher/Principal Designation Name of KV Region Year of Award
1 Shri. Samuelkutty TGT(ENG) K V ERNAKULAM Ernakulam 2012
1 Shri. Abdul Shamz TGT (S.St) K V No.2 PALAKKAD   Ernakulam 2013
2 Smt. Jainus Jacob PRT K V THRISSUR Ernakulam 2013
3 Smt. Soma Abraham Principal (Rtd.) K.V. THRISSUR Ernakulam 2013
4 Smt. V.K Priya PRT (Music) K V No.2 KOCHI Ernakulam 2013
5 Shri. N Suresh Babu Principal K V ADOOR(SHIFT I ) Ernakulam 2013
6 Smt.K.Jaya TGT(SST) K V PANGODE Ernakulam 2013
1 Smt. K.G.Sujaya Principal K V KALPETTA Ernakulam 2014
2 Shri. T Sadanandan TGT (Hindi) K V MALAPPURAM Ernakulam 2014
3 Shri. T.R Rajesh TGT-AE K V CHENNEERKARA Ernakulam 2014
1 Smt. K.S. Sasikala PGT(Eng.) KV Pattom Ernakulam 2015
2 Shri K.M. Unnikrishnan TGT(Hindi) KV Thrisur Ernakulam 2015
3 Smt. Parvathy Krishnan PRT KV Ernakulam Ernakulam 2015
4 Shri P. Baburaj, (PH) PRT KV  No.1 Kasargod Ernakulam 2015